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5 Easy Steps for Analyzing Signatures: Handwriting Analysis How To

by Lisa Schuetz
4.4 stars – 7 Reviews

Here’s the set-up:

Did you ever wonder what your signature says about you? About your boss? Your partner?

This 25-page guide (5,000 words) will teach you how to analyze signatures utilizing 5 easy steps. You will discover what yours (and others!) signatures are saying to the world.

Handwriting analysis, or graphology, is the study of handwriting with the aim of revealing the character and personality of the writer. Also revealed are the writer’s strengths, weaknesses and innate abilities. It can be thought of as “body language” on paper.

One’s signature is the “public face” that they show the world, giving information on how they want to be seen. You don’t have to hire an expert to decode what your signature, (or your bosses) reveals.

**Included in your purchase is access to $29 worth of bonuses:
• Video and analysis of signatures I couldn’t include in this guide
• Downloadable handwriting analysis work sheet with permission to copy
• Special report on FAQ’s

You will be able to apply this knowledge with people that you deal with such as: contractors, health care professionals, attorneys, possible partners, etc. You will gain important, instant insight into whose ever signature you see through utilizing this 5 easy steps process.

Learn with Lisa Schuetz, handwriting expert for more than 25 years.

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