Bargain Alert: CaseCrown Kindle Fire Cases At 51-78% Off!

CaseCrown Ace Flip Case (Green Glow) for Amazon Kindle Fire

If you’ve been holding off on buying a case for your Kindle Fire, your patience pays off today!

A wide selection of CaseCrown Kindle Fire cases are all currently available for just $11.19 – $15.21!

First, the CaseCrown Ace Flip Case, shown in Green Glow at left. This same case is available in the following colors, and they’re all priced at $11.19, 64% off the regular price:

White Fuse

Cool Water (an indigo blue)

Black Smoke (very dark charcoal)

Scorching Yellow

Blazing Red

Sizzling Hot Pink

Pink Spark (a pastel pink)

Campfire Brown

CaseCrown Bold Standby Case (Purple) for Amazon Kindle Fire TabletFor a slightly different style, look at the CaseCrown Bold Standby Kindle Fire Case, shown in purple at right, priced at $15.21. This same style is also available in a variety of colors, and those that are bundled with anti-glare screen film are at clearance prices—even if you don’t intend to use the screen film, go for the bundle and save a few bucks!

Purple + Anti-Glare Screen Film ($12.23)

Blue ($14.21) / Blue + Anti-Glare Screen Film ($11.21)

Green ($15.19) / Green + Anti-Glare Screen Film ($12.21)

Black ($10.19)

Black leather ($11.18)

Red ($15.19)

Brown ($11.18) / Brown + Anti-Glare Screen Film ($8.21)

Orange ($15.19) / Orange + Anti-Glare Screen Film ($12.21)

White ($11.19)

CaseCrown Bold Trifold Case (Black) for Amazon Kindle Fire TabletFinally, consider the CaseCrown Trifold Case, shown in black at left, for $11.18. This same case is also available in:

Blue ($15.18)

Red ($15.18)









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