App Spotlight: Home Maintenance

Pool Man
Today we feature some practical apps to help with home maintenance and improvement chores.

First up: Pool Man. This app makes pool, spa and fountain maintenance a snap, and it’s currently $1.50 (50% off) in Amazon’s Appstore. From Amazon:

For the pool maintenance professional or pool owner, the Pool Man swimming pool calculator gives you measurement tools to calculate a pool’s chemical requirements for chlorine, total alkalinity, cyanuric acid, and calcium hardness.

Don’t fuss and rack your brain again trying to maintain a pool’s chemical balance. Get this app for your smartphone.

Sprinklers is another handy little app to keep on hand for anyone with a sprinkler system installed, and it’s just 99 cents. It can help you with sprinkler maintenance, troubleshooting, repairs, and can even tell you how long to run your sprinklers. From Amazon:

Sprinklers is an app to help you maintain your lawn’s sprinkler system. The purpose of this application is to arm the user with information when making a repair, dealing with a sprinkler repair contractor, or making a trip to the sprinkler supply store to get the right materials. Troubleshoot and solve common sprinkler system problems.

Sprinklers was created by a landscaper with 20 years experience in sprinkler design, installation, and repair. Sprinklers allows you to analyze and repair common sprinkler system problems. A glossary of terms is included, with a metric conversion table for international users.

Home Inventory OrganizerMoving indoors, next up is another very practical app for 99 cents: Home Inventory Organizer. We all know we’re supposed to keep lists of our valuables for insurance and warranty purposes, but since it’s such a bother to compile and update those lists, most of us never get around to it. That’s where this app comes in. From Amazon:

  • Document items with description, purchase amount, and other details
  • Track total items and total value of all items per room
  • Maintain an inventory of items for each room
  • Add to or modify bundled room list
  • E-mail and print inventory, per room or for all rooms

Home Improver Pro, also 99 cents, is here to help with all your home improvement projects. From Amazon:

If you’re thinking about undertaking a big job on your house, this app can prove invaluable. Home Improver Pro is an affordable, streamlined app that allows you to quickly estimate the amount of material, money, and time your next project will take.

The app was built with the Weekend Warrior in mind. Simply input your measurements for your project and Home Improver Pro does the rest. For example, are you carpeting a room and need to determine how much carpet you’ll need? Easy. Go to the Inside section, click on Floors, then enter the room’s dimensions. The app generates the total square feet (or meters) required.

Other interior jobs the app covers include Painting, Wallpapering, Tiling, and Hardwood Flooring. Outside projects include Grass, Rock, Pavers, Concrete, and Wood (deck). It even covers pool measurements. Finally, Home Improver Pro offers a Conversion tool that translates metric measurements to their standard U.S. equivalents, and vice versa.

How to CleanFinally, and also priced at 99 cents, there’s How To Clean.  From Amazon:

Trying to figure out how to clean your home, office, pool, car, furniture, or your favorite piece of jewelry in the most cost-effective yet efficient manner? Well-maintained cleaning tools and supplies have longer lives and give you the best results for years to come. From commercial cleaning to quick pick ups around your home, How to Clean tackles all of the dirtiest subjects, including:

– How to keep your workplace clean and healthy

– Best cleaning supplies for windows, kitchens, and bathrooms

– How to clean artwork, antique furniture, and delicate jewelry

– Commercial and house cleaning tips

– Cleaning materials checklists

– Housekeeping tips and remedies for stains, odors, and clutter

– Videos on janitorial services, jewelry cleaning, and maintaining your pool or spa

And there you have it! You’re all set for spring cleaning, home improvement, outdoor maintenance and setting up a home inventory, and all for under six bucks!


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