Bargain Alert Monday: 50 – 67% Off Premium Game Apps

Enjoy SudokuThis week, we feature Amazon’s deals on premium Android game apps for your Fire.

Start with Enjoy Sudoku, currently 67% off at 99 cents, and carrying an average review rating of 5/5 stars across 140 customer reviews. From Amazon:

  • – Choose from 16 difficulty levels; find something for everyone
  • – Play unlimited games with the puzzle generator
  • – Learn the basics or advanced techniques from the tutorial
  • – Enter unsolved puzzles from the newspaper to play them in the app
  • – Get help with the undo and redo, puzzle solver, or pencil marking features

Hunger Games fan? Check out Pocket Trivia: Hunger Games edition. This app is 50% off at 99 cents, and has an average customer review rating of 4/5 stars across 17 reviews. With over 1,000 unique questions based on the Hunger Games trilogy, this one is sure to keep fans amused and on their toes for hours.

If you like puzzle games and classical music, don’t miss Musaic Box, the unique puzzle/adventure/mystery app. It’s currently priced at 99 cents, 50% off the regular price, and is rated an average of 4/5 stars across 174 reviews. From Amazon:

A Musical Hidden Objects Adventure Awaits You

Musaic Box is an unusual combination of mystery game and musical puzzle. It’s your task to find the old organ master who has disappeared. Enter a world of music and magic to gather clues and solve various quests. Unlike other puzzle games, Musaic Box requires not just logic, but a sense of musicality. Correctly composed melodies will lead you to the mystery’s solution and unlock a new game mode. Do you have an ear for music?

Musaic Box

Test Your Logic and Listening Skills

In each level, you are tasked with exploring and searching a room in the organ master’s house to uncover hidden objects. As you do, you’ll come across outlines of musical scores for your music box that reveal intriguing puzzles in which you have to recreate masterpieces of classical and modern music. After you listen to the lead melody, it is your job to arrange the audio puzzle pieces to match. Correctly composed melodies lead you to the mystery’s revelation and unlock a new game mode.

Gather Achievements along the Way

As you solve the melody puzzles, you can earn a new high score and add a new melody to your list. If you do well enough, you can earn one of more than a dozen unique awards, such as the Amulet of Atlantis for completing the game in normal mode and the Stone of Truth for finishing the hard mode. Save your high scores locally and online.

With Musaic Box, anyone can be a composer!

Jelly Defense

Finally: try Jelly Defense, the battle game in which you command an army of small, gelatinous blobs. The game is currently priced at 99 cents, 67% off the regular price of $2.99, and is rated an average of 4/5 stars across 506 reviews.


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