Magazines For Your Fire! Free Trial Issues, and Free Digital Editions of Your Print Subscriptions

Martha Stewart LivingIf you haven’t been reading magazines on your Fire, you’ve been missing out! And now, Amazon is offering a free, trial issue of 15 different magazines exclusively to Fire owners as an incentive to give this content type a try.

The list includes OK, The Atlantic, Martha Stewart Living, Taste of Home, Family Handyman, Whole Living, Men’s Fitness, Fit Pregnancy and seven more!

And here’s a tip: be sure to check any magazines you already subscribe to in hard copy form, to see if your paid subscription to the print edition includes free access to the digital edition. When the digital edition is included, it’s usually made available through a free app that allows you to enter your subscriber details to view and archive digital copies.

DO NOT try to access the digital editions of your print magazine subscriptions by subscribing to the Kindle editions on Amazon, you must download the magazine’s app to get the digital copies free of charge.

For example, People, Reader’s Digest, Entertainment Weekly and Wired provide apps for their print subscribers to access digital copies free of charge. Check the Amazon App Store Newsstand, Magazines department to see if magazines you subscribe to in print may already be available to you in digital editions for your Fire, at no additional cost to you.


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