With Top Hit MP3 Singles Priced at $1.29, Amazon Offers An iTunes Alternative

Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)
You may have noticed that, slowly but surely, prices have been creeping upward in the iTunes music store, and it seems like more and more tracks are being listed as available when you purchase the entire “album only” all the time. Luckily for music fans, Amazon always has a large catalog of great, current hit songs available for $1.29 each.

We’ve posted about how Amazon’s Cloud drive makes it easy to use your Android smart phone or Fire tablet as a digital music player without the need to store all your music right on the device, but did you know MP3 files are not device-specific?

You can buy and download MP3 files from any vendor you like, and play them on all your various devices. MP3 files you download from Amazon are automatically added to your Cloud drive (the first 5GB are free!), and you can download or stream them from there to your Fire or Android smart phone.

On the Fire, tap the Music tab, then tap the Cloud link to access your Amazon cloud music library. On your Android smart phone, download the (free) cloud player app to get the same functionality on your phone.

Still a die-hard iPod devotee? Simply download tracks to your computer, then import them to iTunes for loading on your various Apple devices.


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