More Amazon Bargains: $1.99 Instant Video Rentals, $5 MP3 Albums!

Looking for an alternative to March Madness? How about screening your own, private film festival on your Fire, with instant video movie rentals priced at just $1.99?

Amazon has added some great titles to its over 16,700 title catalog of $1.99 movie rentals, including a slew of Disney animated classics, recent hits and critically-acclaimed, award-winning films you may have had on your ‘to watch’ list for far too long:

J. Edgar

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

The Prestige

Disney’s Mulan

The Incredibles

The Aristocats

Is music more to your liking? Take a look at Amazon’s 100 MP3 albums for $5 each list:

This is no picked over, clearance rack of little-known and little-wanted music.

There’s something for everyone here, such as recent alternative hits like Snow Patrol’s Fallen Empires and the late pop sensation Amy Winehouse’s Lioness: Hidden Treasures, seminal albums like Gorillaz Demon Days, and must-have compilations like David Bowie’s Best of 1980-87 (19 tracks!) and Trace Adkins’ American Man, Greatest Hits Volume II [+Digital Booklet].

With an average price per track of thirty cents or less you can hardly go wrong, so go ahead and grab those albums and collections you’ve been eyeing at bargain prices.


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