Apps Spotlight: Underwater Fun With FREE Games!

GuuulpLooking for some fun, FREE apps to pass the time in waiting rooms, on the train, or just whenever you’ve got a few minutes to spare? Try these!


The description of this game, which has an average rating of 5/5 stars on Amazon, is pretty brief:

Take command of a young cephalopod of the deep ocean, navigating a world of predator and prey as you eat your way up the food chain! Evolve from cuttlefish to giant squid, just don’t become a shark’s lunch in the process.

But this Amazon review from The Hendoman probably gives a better flavor of the game:

a great fun game! by tilting my kindle, I was able to move a cute squid around to eat schools of fish, while avoiding bigger fish. Guuulp is not only a cool underwater beautifully rendered environment, but also a lesson in big fish eats little fish! very fun to play, I feel this is a wonderful game for all! there is no save system (yet?) so there is much replay! this is one of the games I demo my kindle fire with, btw!

Fish Adventure

Fish AdventureThis app is a virtual aquarium type of game, but you’re given an undersea world of fish and plants to work with.

This very popular game is rated an average of 4.5/5 stars across more than 1,000 reviews. Amazon reviewer Arsham Manukyan says:

Great game with beautiful graphics and relaxing music. Like that it’s interactive. Fishes and creatures are reacting on your tap. Especially i like blowfishes and sea stars. Would like to see more choice in future. Keep up [the] good work.

Amazon reviewer ahlanna raves about the Community features of the game:

It’s a feature that is easily missed, but you can visit other player’s tanks in the community to collect treasures and to tickle their fish for extra experience and coins.

Something easily overlooked by new players is the Friends icon, where you can select the community tab to add other players as your friends, then head out to visit their tanks. You’ll be able to collect treasures from their chests for the coin and collection reward items to place in your own tanks, or you can sell the completed claimed rewards for quick extra coin. Once there you can also tickle their unhappy fish for extra experience and coin, oh and don’t forget to check on the fish in their other tanks too.

Poke Fish

Poke Fish - The Best Free GameFinally, there’s Poke Fish. From Amazon:

Mr. Justin Fish is a cool, fun and cute fish of the deep sea. He lives in an abyss, and his greatest dream is to get to the sunny beach. You can help him in this tough task. Take him as high as you can so he can reach the paradise beach and enjoy the summer. Avoid the tentacles and tap the lost trunks to get their secrets. Compare high scores and challenge your friends. Get the secrets and treasures hidden on the lost trunks to increase your score.

Reviewer Larry sue gives the game 5/5 stars, and says:

addicting. this game is hilarious. u literally poke this thing and try to see how high you  can get. its addictive. its like Doodle jump but with a squeaky pitched voiced fish. lol 😛


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