Audiobooks Help Kids Learn To Read

Winnie-the-Pooh: A.A. Milne's Pooh Classics, Volume 1 | [A. A. Milne]Do you have a struggling reader at home? If so, listening to the audiobook being read aloud while following along in the print version may give her just the boost she needs.

A principal in California has launched a pilot program using iPods and audiobooks downloaded from iTunes, but the same concept and approach would work just as well with audiobooks played on your Kindle or Kindle Fire.

On the t|h|e Journal site, where the stated mission is “transforming education through technology”, Stephen Noonoo reports:

The idea for letting struggling readers follow print and iPod audiobooks simultaneously was first sparked when [Principal Skip] Johnson was browsing the iTunes store trying to spend a $50 iTunes giftcard–a generous gift from a teacher. “I happened to notice audiobooks for sale and I went, ‘Hmm, there are a lot of books here that kids want to read,” he said.

Johnson then piloted the initiative with a single iPod and just a handful of audiobooks that he introduced to just three students. Now in its fourth year, the program maintains a library brimming with more than 400 audiobooks on 50 devices, and has caught on school wide.

“It was motivating to the kids, and they would be back in a day or two wanting another book,” Johnson said.

Read the full article on the t|h|e Journal site. And if you’ve got beginning readers at home, check out our Audible listings of audiobooks for kids by clicking on the Audible Audiobooks link above, then clicking on the link for Kids.


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