Music: Did You Catch Obama Rocking Out With BB King, Buddy Guy and Jagger?

In Performance at the White HouseFrom the Washington Post:

President Obama sang a few lines from “Sweet Home Chicago” with blues greats B.B. King and Buddy Guy Tuesday night during a performance at the White House. Post music critic Chris Richards asked, “Had the White House ever felt more like a roadhouse” and went on to describe the event.

It was the latest (also: the loudest, wildest, most dynamic, most  exciting) in a series of semi-regular concerts hosted by first lady  Michelle Obama celebrating the American songbook.

Previous  performances in the series have saluted the music of the civil rights  era, Motown and Broadway, as well as jazz, country (twice), classical  and Latin music. Now, to mark Black History Month, the Obamas honored  the blues, arguably the most influential of any American musical genre.

Performers included King, Guy, Mick Jagger and Jeff Beck.

The concert, along with all in the In Performance at the White House series, will be broadcast on PBS. Read the rest of the story, watch videos and see a slideshow of the concert, on the Washington Post.


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