A Look Inside The 6/25/15 BookGorilla Email Alert

June 25, 2015

Let’s take a peek at today’s BookGorilla Kindle Freebies & Bargains Alert:

Bestsellers, freebies and bargain books galore by authors you love, including The Nazi Officer’s Wife, Ahab’s Wife, Clean Design: Wellness for your Lifestyle, Marshall Karp, Forever Black, War Brides, Tiffany Snow, Escape from Sobibor, The Space Between Us, Coco Pinchard, and many more!

Be sure to share, because friends don’t let friends miss out on incredible deals like these!

If you’re not already receiving it, click here to sign up for BookGorilla’s customized, daily free and bargain bestseller ebook alert. It’s a totally free service, and you can customize your alert so it includes only the types of books you’re most interested in.


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