Free App of the Day is Clobbr

Clobbr, an unusual puzzle game that blends symbol matching with a maze concept in timed levels that get progressively more challenging, is today’s Amazon Free app of the Day. From Amazon:

Our little monster needs your help! Stop that pesky cat, find the hidden cheese, and save the mice!

Contains precious, adorable mild violence.

– Swipe rows of rocks, ice blocks, trampolines, mouse traps and more to create a chain-reaction of tools and powerups. Do it correctly and you’ll send the rock toward the cat, bonking him on the head and freeing the mice!

– Special items will help you through the game’s 100 puzzles: catapults, bowling balls and even portals!

– Bonus cheese! Each puzzle contains 3 hidden pieces of cheese. This makes your mouse friends even happier and increases your score!

– No actual direct violence! The monster’s hammer never comes in contact with anything except the stump. And the kitty always gets back up for another round!

Clobbr is perfect for fun, casual play. Waiting for the bus? Have some extra time on your lunch break? Sounds like a perfect time to play a few levels of Clobbr!

* Awarded Indie Prize Best in Show at Casual Connect SF, 2013

Line up those blocks! Clobber that kitty! Free those mice!


Clobbr: get it today, while it’s Amazon’s Free App of the Day!


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