Kids on Fire: 10th Grader’s Review of Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret

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Merritt’s Review:
Moving from New York to the New Jersey suburbs is a pretty big deal for sixth-grader Margaret Simon. Once she’s in the suburbs, she’s pulled into a groups of girls who are curious about everything normal tweens are: boys, bras, friendship, gossip, and so much more. On top of everything else, she is trying to figure out what religion she wants to be, if any of them. Her parents aren’t much help: just adding to Margaret’s confusion, her mother is a Christian and her father is Jewish. This whole book is surrounding her life and her very one-sided prayers with God. She is very frank as she tries to talk to God about which religion is right for her, and what she’s going through. This story is a great example of a little girl trying to figure out her life and what she’s looking for in a religion.

Entertainment Value:
5 out of 5 – This book is a great read and very relatable. Margaret and her frank personality will keep you laughing throughout the whole story. It has a great storyline full of things that every teen/tween goes through. I highly suggest it to all age groups of girls!

Educational Value:
3 out of 5 – This book is very helpful in showing girls they are not alone, and that other girls are going through [the same things] and feeling just like them. This book is informative and a great relief to some, but does not contain any educational knowledge on an academic level.


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